The house is located in the centre picturesque Kashubian village Sominy laid on the route Dziemiany-Bytow in the distance one by one: 10 km to Dziemiany, 35 km to Kościerzyna, 90 km to Tricity, 50 km to Chojnice, and into the other direction 19 km to Bytow.

The Sominy village and surroundings

Sominy is a quiet and a very neat village, surrounded from every side with boundlessness of forests abounding with mushrooms and berries.

Many charming lakes surround the area: the big Lake Somińskie the connected with it from one side Lake Dywański, from the another Kruszyński and peculiarly liked by Sominy residents - nearby located Lake Skoszewskie.

In the Sominy village you can find an old, small, still functioning formerly German now catholic wooden church, a grocery shop, a bar with the garden by the lake serving dishes among others from fresh local fish, two restaurants at nearby holiday resorts "Kaszubski Bór" and "Uroczysko" and the professional horse riding place.

Residents of the village are friendly to visiting guests. Are offering for sale own organic food products and native agricultural produce such as butter, milk, curd cheeses, eggs, fresh caught or smoked fish. They offer also services associated with trips by horse carriage, pedal boats or canoeing flows.

On the green next to the old historic school you can find a small amphitheatre and a genuine playground for children. From this place along the lakeside is stretching a path or promenade for pedestrians all the way to the bar and small harbor.


On account of the beauty and diversity of the area of Kashubia, the historical and cultural legacy of the region, the existing infrastructure and current events everyone arriving in Sominy is able to find something interesting for himself, which will make his rest more appealing. Below you will find our suggestions concerning exactly such proposals.

Active leisure

Water sports

We put a lot of care into preparing the lake side adjoining to the garden of our house.

For your convenience there is placed a small bench, a swingchair facing the view of the lake and into the water reaches a several meters long pier.

Admittedly booking the beach for the exclusive use of our guests isn't possible but the presence of two public bathing beaches in the village causes, that the area by the premises is offering a large extent of privacy for you.

The water of the lake is through a few first meters very shallow and sandy what makes playing in it for small children safe and pleasant. Farther is the marly bottom of the lake in the natural way a little bit silted.

Enthusiasts of dives can use the surfboard in order to sail out to the deeper depths.

Using 4 kayaks prepared for you (2 double and 2 single) or the paddle boat you can go on a trip along lakesides of the Somińskie, visit some of the islands in it's middle or the peculiar shoal on the height of the peninsula whether to cross beneath the bridge to the smaller Lake Dywańskie.

It is possible to hire pedal boats at our neighbours a few houses farther and, windsurfing boards or sailing boats at the nearby Resort of "Kaszubski Bór".

We also recommend the visit for a lovely swim on the smaller but very beautiful Lake Skoszewskie that the Sominy residents peculiarly like because of warmer water and the sandy bottom. It is possible to go there both on foot along the west lakeside of Somińskie as well as by car turning left by the bar and sharp right after arriving in Skoszewo.


Marches, walks and bicycle trips

Nearby forests are full of paths, trails and rides inviting to walks and expeditions on bicycles of which few are at the house for your free disposition.

For ambitious hikers a march around the Lake Somińskie of the ca. 13.5 km length and just over 4 hr duration can be a good challenge. Others can try to cover this route by bicycle.

It is possible of course to go only along the west lakeside about 2 km to the nearby Skoszewo for example to buy some fresh or smoked fish from the local breeding for the next supper.

Peculiarly also a walk to the beautiful Dywan can be nice adventure. One should come off the road while walking in the direction towards Dziemiany just behind the bridge to go down on the left and holding on to the lakeside of Dywańskie carry on till approaches to the camp field at his ending. From there on one should continue following the road still about 1 km until reaching first the forester's lodge and then the mill with the café. It's a charming place for having a well deserved coffee (best in the area!) in the lovely surroundings and with view on the magical ponds. The length of a journey is about 5 km.


Canoeing flows

A participation in the rafting of some small rivers meandering through Cashubian forests and meadows is an experience undeniably engraving in one's memory. There are many possible routes, from which it is possible to choose suitable one for oneself.

The ability of swimming isn't a condition for joining such an adventure, because the majority of rivers is very shallow and in case of possible toppling over the kayak one is always protected by the compulsory life jacket.

Of course planning such a rafting trip choice of appropriate route and its length must be adapted to the fitness of the participants. The simplest trips are the ones which avoid the tiring crossings over the lakes.

Our neighbours in Sominy are organizing such raftings, as well as many other companies in the area.

We recommend particularly one of the easiest the route of the beautiful Zbrzyca River for e.g. from Leśno to Rolbik or Laska or along the River Wdą from Lipusz to Czarlina ending at the lovely fish fry resaurant.



Angling is a very popular sport on the Lake Somińskie. The place by our pier is for it particularly good on account of the cold stream flowing there into the lake. It is also possible to angle from the paddle boat, which we prepared for our guests. However one should absolutely buy the relevant angling permit in the local shop.


Horse riding

The stables located next to the "Kaszubski Bór" Resort invite to activities in the saddle.

The price for riding both on the horse or on a pony is about 1 PLN/min.

There is a possibility to book some training lessons, but also they are able to organize sleigh rides or rides through the area on a horse carriage. (www.kaszubskibor.pl)

Places for visiting

Out of many Kashubian interesting spots located in the most immediate area we recommend:

Restaurants and shops in the vicinity

Seasonal events

Attractions for the youngest

Quick contact

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