Description of the house

The house is located in the centre of Sominy, a picturesque Kashubian village distant 19 km from Bytow.

It is surrounded by a lovely fruit garden which is adjoining directly to the shore of the big Lake Somińskie.

The house is three-level high, the usable area is about 250m2. It has 5 separate bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 rooms for the joint use and a kitchen. It is intended for stay of 10 guests.

The heating of the water and rooms is being undergone through the oven burning chopped coal with an automatic feeder.

The house is decorated in a high standard equipped with all conveniences and appliances which guarantee a comfortable and attractive stay.

The location of the house within surroundings full of lakes, forests and footpaths for walks and bike rides with the simultaneous closeness of shops, restaurants and the horse stables causes that it is a dream holiday destination for families and groups of friends valuing the peace and privacy but open for active entertainment during the stay.

This is an ideal place for spending time together on hiking or bicycle expeditions, picking mushrooms, angling, rafting or at the bonfire or BBQ-ing.

The plan of rooms and equipment of the house

Ground floor:

2nd Floor:


Additional equipment of the house:

The garden and the additional equipment outside

The large garden (0.19 ha), is fenced and stretches along the shoreline of the lake. A shallow stream is cutting through it and trees and fruit bushes are covering the area. Closer to the lake there is designated place for the bonfire with small benches around, there is hammock, net for playing volleyball or badminton, two summer houses (one at the door to the kitchen and another closer the lake and the bonfire), swing chair with the view on the lake and the children's playground with a sandbox.

There are 2 double and 2 single kayaks for the free use of our guests, life jackets, 4 mountain bikes, a paddle boat, small car garage and a pier on the lake for angling.

Quick contact

Joanna Turzyńska Sominy 17 77-143 Studzienice Telefon stacjonarny+48 58 688 02 06 Telefon komórkowy+48 692 988 961 E-mailSominy17@wp.pl